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Ifeel maps application architecture

Ifeel maps is the guide to live a healthy life, a place where consumers and business that value ecology, sustainability, and wellbeing meet. It features a blog with latest news, a stream of events happening in your city, and a directory that lists eco businesses. Since ifeel maps launched in 2013 it's being running and evolving without major problems, so it is a good time to introduce the ifeel maps application architecture.

Training of Qi Gong (Chi Kung) in the office

The Qi Gong (Chi Kung) groups together many millenary systems of techniques for health in China, with proven benefits for health of body and mind. I've given an introductory session to Qi Gong in the Xing Barcelona office so that my colleagues experience this valuable chinese jewel of human wisdom.

Antipatterns: Using modules as classes

Imagine a module Calculator defining some methods which then you call like Calculator.sum(1, 2). While this usage of a module is valid in some cases, this time I think we are seeing an antipattern in place. Let's see in my opinion when using a module directly to call methods on it makes sense and when it is an antipattern.

API only provides queries with OR

Recently we had to integrate our system with a label API that provided OR as its unique operator in queries. For us as consumers of the API it meant that the number of labels we needed per object increased at orders of growth of quadratic of the labels of an object. As a consequence the complexity of our code also increased at quadratic orders of growth

Antipatterns: Exceptions for flow control

In a recent pull request of mine at work a colleague called my attention into an antipattern I had in the code, namely Using exceptions for flow control, and he was right. So we just had to change it.

Jenkins CI + Raspberry Pi + Arduino

Have you ever wanted to fire the office alarm, play a Star Trek epic track and start a red blinking light every time your build of the master branch broke in your Continuous Integration server? This is how we did it: we wired our Jenkins to make calls to a Sinatra webserver running on a Raspberry Pi which then commands an Arduino over an USB to have the fun going at the office.