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Ifeel maps application architecture

Ifeel maps is the guide to live a healthy life, a place where consumers and business that value ecology, sustainability, and wellbeing meet. It features a blog with latest news, a stream of events happening in your city, and a directory that lists eco businesses. Since ifeel maps launched in 2013 it's being running and evolving without major problems, so it is a good time to introduce the ifeel maps application architecture.


The ifeel maps stack

What’s next?

In future posts we will be taking a detailed look at each of those pieces listed above, highlighting why/how we decided on each technology, as well as comparing pros and cons of the available options.

We plan to do stress testing of the platform and publish benchmarks, and lastly we will take steps to make the architecture scale.

Throughout the journey we will share ideas about our passion for Open Source, how is our development processes and the tools we use to stay productive while having such a small team as ifeel maps does.

Sounds interesting? Stay tuned!

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